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Tiffany DeLuisi
Certified Holistic Health Coach & Essential Oil Expert





Why should you consider private weight loss coaching?

This is where it all begins! You can start to feel better NOW! With the support of Tiffany DeLuisi, your personal health coach, you can forget about dieting forever and toss out all of those fad diet books, while you’re at it. This 90 Day Program is the perfect jump start to help you exceed all of your health and wellness goals! In the next 90 days you can overcome your fear of change and completely sidestep your old self into wellness and well-being to reveal the best you!

As a valued client, you will:

  • Set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting
  • Work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight
  • Understand and reduce cravings
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Feel great in your body
  • Learn better food options and how you can easily incorporate them
  • Improve your personal relationships
  • Discover the confidence to create the life you want

You can avoid the frustration of counting calories, carbs, fats, and proteins. Forget about weighing your food and running to the scale on a daily basis, because that’s just not healthy. Find real answers to problems, along with viable alternatives to those incessant carb and sugar cravings, while you ditch the endless lists of dietary restrictions and learn to trust your gut.


With the Private Coaching Program you will receive:

  • Weekly 45-minute sessions
  • E-mail support between sessions
  • Tasty recipes that are simple to prepare
  • Coaching and guidance to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want
  • Simple, but informative handouts to boost your nutritional knowledge
  • Access to our monthly newsletter with the latest health tips and recipes

I'm Ready To Be the Best Me!

Personalized Health Coaching

Enjoy your personalized action plan that will help you redefine quality living, so you can expedite a happy, healthy life that is notably more flexible, fun and rewarding! Tiffany will help you explore all of the aspects of your life that are holding you back from genuine health and impacting the way you feel. You’ll experience the holistic difference, as you begin to discover hidden ways your lifestyle has been contributing to your sense of well-being or causing more damage in the long run. You’ll gain clarity and sharpen your eating intuition, as you begin to align with exactly what your body needs in order to elevate your well-being and discover your inner healthy!

Step-by-Step Plan

Tiffany will help you design a step-by-step plan to map out and reshape all the elements of your life that aren’t working for you, because as a coach, she knows that you are more than just a sum of your parts. Enjoy the security of knowing that your own personal health coach is fully committed to enhancing and helping you engage in rebalancing your wellness, through weekly one-on-one private coaching calls, specifically designed to get you on the right track to success!

Start here with the 3 Month Program!

We urge you to commit to yourself and take this first critical step in forging a new you, one that aligns with your true sense of purpose and happiness to create the life you want, the energy you need and the vitality your deserve! Need more time and guidance to continue your transformation? I also offer  6, 9 and 12 Month Program options. If you have the desire to pursue change, but don’t feel confident that you could achieve it alone then this program is for you. Tiffany is a Weight Loss Expert, who is passionate about what she does. She will help you design your 3 Month personalized program, featuring all of the tools and encouragement you need to radically expand your ability to sustain a changes that will last a lifetime.



Sign Up for a Discovery Call

I believe anything is possible.  It can feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked.  I’ve been there and I completely understand.  The first step is to believe that you will be successful in claiming your health back.

What to know more?

Before we embark on this amazing journey of sustainable, healthy weight loss together, please fill out the Discovery Session Application below. I only take on a few new Private Coaching clients each month because each client is so special to me and gets lots of love, attention from me.

SHOUT OUT to Tiffany Lacy DeLuisi. I hired her to help me get my health/fitness/weight/allthatjazz in order. Here’s what’s happened in that time:

  • I finally took my body measurements which helped me actually purchase the right size clothing and bra (omg having the right size bra is incredible!!)
  • Even though in the past I pretty much only drank water or alcohol (no caffeine), I would often go 90% of the day without hydrating. Now I have been consciously drinking MORE water (and my lips are wayyyy less chap now so that must be why, they used to be chap all the time) 
  • I have switched to low-calorie / low-sugar alcohol options (which is a big deal for me)
  • I have added veggies into my diet in a way that still tastes good
  • I have started taking vitamins (the right way)
  • I have purchased a step-master thingy (technical term), elliptical, some weights, and am getting a stationary bike too. My husband and I are putting together a Fitness Room in the house right now. So excited!
  • I’ve actually gotten my dental health under control and am getting a physical done by doctor soon too. This is a BIG DEAL as I’ve been avoiding this stuff for YEARS.
  • I’ve lost some weight, am less puffy, and need to take measurements again to check on inches, but OVERALL and MOST IMPORTANTLY…

I’m finally taking care of myself. Slowly but surely! <3 Thanks Tiff <3


Amanda Goldman-Petri

Before I started working with Tiffany, I was not in a good place. I was feeling depressed and didn’t feel good physically or emotionally.

I’ve learned a lot from Tiffany since working with her. I’ve learned about nutrition, but also the mental focus I needed to have to make a shift. Working with Tiffany has helped me with my self worth and feel better about myself and my body.

Her 90 Day Private Coaching Program was great! The weekly coaching calls were an important part of my success. Tiffany would not only ask how things were going on the program, but about me personally. He has a a personal approach that showed that she really did care about how I was feeling and helping me along my journey. She really helped me get to the bottom of what I needed to change to make progress and how I could make that happen.

I highly recommend working with Tiffany as a coach because you will learn what things YOU need to make changes in your health, but also have coaching from Tiffany who helps you help yourself. Tiffany is awesome!


Chrissy Harry

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