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Tiffany DeLuisi
Certified Holistic Health Coach & Essential Oil Expert

The secret to losing weight once and for all

Every time you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ve done it wrong

Do you feel like you’ve tried it all?

Do you ever wish you were more confident in your own skin?

Maybe you’ve tried ever diet out there, deprived yourself of everything you love, counted calories (or points), and tortured yourself at the gym.

Maybe you’ve seen some success initially, but then the weight came back on (even some extra on top on that). Maybe you’ve blamed your lack of willpower, but I’m here to tell you that willpower has nothing to do with it.


Diets are designed to make sure you fail long-term, so you keep coming back and buying more programs over and over.


If you’re tired of wasting your time on gimmicks that don’t work, then I’m here to help you succeed. My job is to assure you feel amazing and find your optimal health.

It’s time to break free of the dieting cycle, the cycle of losing and regaining weight. It feels awful to be stuck in that cycle, I know I’ve been there.


My name is Tiffany DeLuisi and I’m an ex-fat dieter who was tired of counting calories and killing myself in the gym just to watch my weight go up and down over and over again. I finally decided to stop dieting, stop torturing myself, and stop depriving myself. The results? I lost 70 lbs in 2 years and decided it was time to help other women do the same. I lost the weight by establishing one healthy habit at a time and doing the mindset work that kept me imprisoned by the diet industry.

We don’t struggle with our weight because we don’t know how to eat or because we don’t know how to exercise. There’s another piece that needs to be taken care of first! We have to identify our triggers and the things holding us back and then just eat real food most of the time. When we’re emotionally healthy, our bodies become physically healthy. Once I figured out the key to doing that, the weight came off.


I am here to help you succeed.  As your health coach, my job is to assure you feel amazing and find your optimal health.  Nowhere in that description is a cycle of losing and regaining weight. It feels awful to be stuck in that cycle.  If you did that because of my advice, I wouldn’t be doing my job


So how do you break the cycle?

By doing something differently. By focusing on healthy eating, com combined with stress-releasing days of fun, moderate exercise, a shift in mindset & lots of self-care.


You get a solution that helps you feel in control. And you’ll have tools you need to go maintain your progress.


And best of all… NO GIMMICS!


You will learn how to achieve sustainable long-term results like:

  • Find a healthy weight for YOUR body.
  • Love your body and its gifts to you
  • Eat real food and lose weight without counting calories (or points)
  • Support your activity and have energy all day
  • Never feel deprived or hungry on your journey to health.



Sounds different from what you’re used to doing, right?

When I decided to become a a health coach, I wanted to do things differently. My mission is to help you find your optimal health for a thriving live.

The Ultimate Diet Break Up Program will do exactly that. 

This is for you if…

  • You’re ready to find find happy, healthy habits founded in good nutrition without starving or detoxing.
  • Want the support and accountability from a group of other women who are on this journey with you.
  • Want sustainable, life-long results.

Slow is sustainable.  Sustainable is forever.

I wish that I could sell you a pill that would make weight and health no longer an issue. The fact is, that doesn’t exist. There is no magic solution to permanently change things overnight. There are, however, a number of methods and techniques that will get you to permanent change over time.


Here’s what you get:

  • Digestible content:  weekly transformational, doable, no-nonsense lessons all completed online and on your own time in between our group coaching calls together
  • Hand-holding and clear guidance: Direct access to and coaching from me, unlimited email support, and me cheering you on every step of the way
  • Accountability: Community support inside of a private Facebook group where I’ll be popping in regularly for personalized Q&A sessions, motivational talks, and keeping you accountable and on track. You won’t be doing this alone!
  • Powerful assignments: Accompanying videos and worksheets that will help you to pull the emotional and psychological weeds that have prevented you from reaching your goals in the past!
  • A Diet-Free Nutrition Plan: Life is busy, I get it!  It takes a lot of time to figure out what to cook for dinner each week.  I make meal planning fun by offering weekly meal plans complete with yummy recipes AND shopping lists.
  • Dining Out Guide:  It’s not realistic to assume that you’ll prepare all your own foods for the rest of your life.  There will be times where you’ll be dining out.  So what do you eat then to stay on track?  I’ve got you covered.  This guide contains everything you need to successfully eat out at a restaurant and still stay on track to meet your health goals.

You’re going to feel so vibrant and overflowing with energy and good vibes  days that you will want to maintain your new perspective forever!


“Before I started working with Tiffany, I was not in a good place. I was feeling depressed and didn’t feel good physically or emotionally.

I’ve learned a lot from Tiffany since working with her. I’ve learned about nutrition, but also the mental focus I needed to have to make a shift. Working with Tiffany has helped me with my self worth and feel better about myself and my body.

Her Diet Break Up program was great! I really enjoyed the modules. The were filled with lots of valuable information that as easy to consume. The journal prompts helped get me thinking more positively and making positive changes.

I highly recommend this program because you will learn what things YOU need to make changes in your health, but also have coaching from Tiffany who helps you help yourself. Tiffany is awesome!”

~Chrissy Harry


“Before I met Tiffany I felt frustrated with being unable to lose weight with exercise alone and cravings to eat things that are unhealthy. This program helped me curb those cravings and make healthier choices, plus lose close to 10 pounds and 4 total inches! I liked working with Tiffany as a coach because she is very encouraging and motivating because she is living the lifestyle herself, which helps me to know that I have a chance at success too. After the 30 days, I lost 9 pounds and over 4 inches off my hips and waist. Clothes I haven’t worn in years are fitting and I am motivated to keep up a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend this program because you not only get meal plans that help you think about what is good and not good to eat, but the accountability and encouragement make any task like this more doable and enjoyable!!”

~Healther Maysey 


“Before I started working with Tiffany I felt tired and crabby all the time. This program helped me to stay on track and to be more aware of where I was eating sugar. The private Facebook group was very encouraging and I never felt condemnation, when when I had a setback. Before I started the program, I was very addicted to sugar. Now, I can say no to sugar, even when I am stressed or it is a social setting. I still enjoy a little now and then but stop way before I used to. In fact, sometimes just thinking of eating sugar makes my stomach cringe!  I am so glad I was able to work with Tiffany Lacy DeLuisi in her program! During our phone calls she always encouraged me, found progress where I may have missed it, and never gave up! Right after the program was over, I had a moment where I wanted some ice cream. Before, I would have eaten the entire pint, but on this occasion I had a few spoonfuls and put it away. It took me a day to realize that I did that without thinking about it or struggling. The first person I wanted to share with was Tiffany because of how awesome of a coach she is. She truly cares about everyone who goes through her program and I highly recommend it!”

~T’Nell Page

“Before working with Tiffany, I felt very bloated and experienced lots of stomach issues. I would get sugar cravings sometimes in the evening. This program held me accountable and helped me to plan my meals and stay focused. Tiffany kept things fun and interesting!!!  I learned to make healthier food choices for me and my family. My bloating and stomach issues disappeared . I stopped having cravings and had more energy !!! I lost 6 pounds and several inches after just 30 days. My skinny jeans are a littler loose. This was an amazing experience!!”

~Michelle Tincher

Your complete package contains:

  • Inspiration, direction, accountability, worksheets, and fun.(value for 90 day program $2,607 )
  • Access to a private accountability group via Facebook so you can connect with other, have support and motivation during your journey. (value $150)

Your Cost:  $97 a month for 3 months!

Register Now!

(Or $247 + Added BONUS when paid in full)

Or choose the V.I.P package:

  • Includes everything in the self study course, PLUS…
  • Six 45-minute coaching sessions with me (2 per month)
  • Unlimited support through email and Voxer (an app that’s like having a walkie-talkie between us)

Your Cost:  $297 a month for 3 months!

(Or $797 + Added BONUS when paid in full)

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Join the Ultimate Diet Break Up Program!

New Group Starts in January! -or- Start the V.I.P. program NOW!

P.S. If you’re still not sure about this program, that’s okay! I’m here to answer any questions you have. Schedule a complementary discovery call with me where you can ask all your questions and get to me know me and see if this is a good fit for you.

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